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EVENT:         Primary Netball

DATE:               Friday, 18th June, 2021
VENUE:             Fremantle Netball Courts, High Street, Fremantle
COMPETITORS:  Year 6 Girls & Year 5 Girls (Separate Comps) & Year 5/6 Boys


  • 9.40am - Teacher meeting

  • 9.50am – Welcome

  • 10.00am – Competition Begins

  • 1.45pm – Presentations

  • 2.00pm – Close and Dismiss



  • Size 4 netballs

  • Bibs




  • Schools are welcome to bring more than one team in each age group. However, schools are asked to grade their teams in order of ability and place them in the appropriate divisions.

  • Must let the WACSSA Director of Sport know how many teams you are bringing 1 week beforehand

  • Each team must be accompanied by an ADULT coach or manager

  • Each team to supply a competent umpire

  • Game length: 2 x 12 minute halves, 2 minutes half time, 4 mins between games (game times may change, subject to fixturing)

  • Size 5 balls for all teams

  • Normal Netball rules apply

  • Defending of shooter is allowed for all teams.

  • No Jewellery is to be worn.

  • Fingernails must be short, NO taping is allowed. Please check this before the first game.

  • Players should be dressed in school uniforms and positional bibs must be worn. (Bring spare bibs in case of colour clash with other team)


  • To be provided 2 days before carnival date by WACSSA.

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