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EVENT:         Primary AFL Football

DATE:               Friday, 14th May, 2021
VENUE:             Ron Jose Oval, Midvale
COMPETITORS:  Year 6 Boys & Year 6 Girls
(separate teams – if you don’t have enough students to make up a boys team,
you may add girls to the team, however you cannot add boys to the “girls” team)


  • 9.40am - Teacher meeting

  • 9.50am – Welcome

  • 10.00am – Competition Begins

  • 1.45pm – Presentations

  • 2.00pm – Close and Dismiss



  • AFL footballs – junior size

  • Bibs in case of shirt colour clash

  • Gazebo

  • Water – there is no water fountain

  • Agility poles to create goals

  • Marker Cones for field



  • Each team must be accompanied by an adult supervisor

  • Each team to supply a field umpire

  • Game length: 2 x 10 minute halves, 5 minute half time, 10 mins between games (game times may change, subject to fixturing)

  • Mouth guards are used with parental discretion

  • Only moulded football boots are allowed

  • 15-a-side – no rucks and rovers

  • The spirit of the game is important: players and coaches should shake hands before and after the match.

  • A staff member or adult supervisor must be present and watching for the whole match – not moving between games - to supervise behaviour and language of students.

Game Rules

  • The rules are modified to ensure the emphasis is clearly placed on skill development, safety and enjoyment.


In WACSSA football:

  • Boundary throw-ins are replaced by awarding a kick against the player kicking the ball out. This is also an opportunity for the umpire to give a player who may not have had as many opportunities as others. When unsure there should be a ‘ball-up’ 5m in from the boundary.

  • Players must either hand pass or kick the ball, the ball is not to be kicked off the ground.

  • Barging (fending off or chopping past opponents) is not permitted.

  • To encourage disposal skills and develop team play, players may take only one or two bounces of the football.

  • For rule breaches, a free kick is awarded. For further breaches, a 20m penalty may be awarded.

  • Students may be sent off for unreasonably rough play, bad language or poor sportsmanship. (They may be replaced) This will last for the entirety of the game.

  • Ball-up contests - Players contesting a ball-up (ruck play) may not grab the ball and play on, i.e. they cannot take full possession of the ball.

  • Tackling - A player in possession of the ball may be tackled by an opponent by wrapping both arms around the area below the top of the shoulders and on or above the knees. No player shall be deliberately dumped / thrown to the ground by any tackler.

  • Bumping – Running to contest the ball, a restrained side bump is allowed, provided the ball is within five metres. When bumping a player with the ball, the player must dispose of the ball (three steps or three seconds) or a free kick is awarded.

  • Shepherding - Players are allowed to shepherd or block an opponent within five metres of the ball.

  • Marking - Ball must travel directly from a kick the distance of 10 metres.


  • To be provided 2 days before carnival date by WACSSA.

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