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EVENT:         Primary Indoor Beach Volleyball

DATE:               Thursday, 17th September, 2021
VENUE:             Canning Vale Indoor Beach Volleyball, 96 Catalano Circuit, Canning Vale
COMPETITORS:  Year 5 & 6, Boys and Girls.
(Schools may only bring one team per age group, per gender)



YEAR 5 Boys

YEAR 5 Girls

YEAR 6 Boys

YEAR 6 Girls

You may only bring 1x team per age group (unless by arrangement).



  • 9.40am – Teacher meeting

  • 9.50am – Welcome

  • 10.00am – Competition Begins

  • 1.45pm – Presentations

  • 2.00pm – Close and Dismiss



  • Indoor Beach volleyballs – practice

  • Whistle for umpire

  • An Umpire



  • A team consists of 8 students per game. (You may bring extra players to use in following games).

  • Each team needs to have an adult Team Manager, (either teacher or parent) - It is this person’s job to oversee player rotations and make sure the rules and the umpires are being respected.

  • It is the teacher’s responsibility to keep their student’s spectators/parents in order, relating to the Christian ethos of WACSSA.

  • There is a canteen available for lunch, selling basic hot food, snacks and drinks. (no drink fountain – but they will refill student drink bottles)

  • Shoes are not worn during games but will be necessary for transport.

  • Each school is asked to take responsibility for their own first aid. Please bring your own kit & a staff member who has their senior first aid qualification.

  • Spectators are to remain outside of the field boundary line.

  • One umpire per team attending. (must be an adult or senior student)


  • To be provided 2 days before carnival date by WACSSA.



Please note: Some rules have been added or modified to cater for younger students and a WACSSA tournament.


  • Coaches can organise rotations as they like: either as you win serve or resting 2 players per game.

  • Rotations during a game must be made quickly.

  • The ball can only be hit with the hands and/or arms.

  • A team can use, and is limited to 3 consecutive hits in order to return a ball.

  • No player is allowed to make two consecutive contacts.

  • Teams can score a point REGARDLESS IF THEY WERE SERVING OR NOT.

  • The game is controlled by a determined time frame per game. The team with the highest score at the end of that time is deemed the winner. If both teams finish on the same score at the end of time a draw will result.

  • Any kicking of the ball may result in a deduction of two points at the umpire’s discretion. Players unnecessarily abusing the nets may be sent off.

  • Players may NOT touch the centre net.

  • Teams must rotate sequentially upon winning the serve.

  • The serve may NOT touch any net.

  • If a player scores 10 consecutive points on a serve a mercy rule applies and the other team receives serve.

  • Play continues if the ball hits the top roof netting and does not pass over to the opposition side of the court.

  • The ball may not touch the top roof netting when being returned over the net. (ie. If the ball touches the top netting while it passes over to the other side, it will be called “out”).

  • A rule modification for all teams (year 4-6) will be the allowance to catch the serve only for the receiving team; they then pass the ball to one of their team mates who hit it over. The ball cannot be held at any other time during the rally in determining a point.

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