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EVENT:         Cricket – Super 8’s

DATE:               Friday, 5th March, 2021
VENUE:             Ron Jose Oval, Midvale
COMPETITORS:  Year 6 - 1x Boys team, 1x Girls team


  • 9.40am - Teacher meeting

  • 9.50am – Welcome

  • 10.00am – Competition Begins

  • 1.45pm – Presentations

  • 2.00pm – Close and Dismiss



  • Wickets

  • Ball – Kanga cricket ball - orange or yellow

  • Helmets

  • Plastic Bats

  • Gazebo

  • Water – no water fountain available

  • Marker Cones




  • A team consists of 8 students per game. (You may bring extra players to use in following games).

  • Modified rules:  SEE APPENDIX

  • ONLY THE TEACHER, OR ONE allocated PARENT is allowed to coach, PER TEAM.

  • It is the teacher’s responsibility to keep their student’s spectators/parents in order, relating to the Christian ethos of WACSSA.

  • Spectators are to remain outside of the field boundary line.

  • Please print out the scoresheet – enough copies for all your games.


  • To be provided 2 days before carnival date by WACSSA.




All games are played in accordance with the laws of cricket as recognised by the WACA except as the amended below.


  1. Each match is played between two teams of 8 players and consists of a maximum of 8 six-ball overs.

  2. Run-out – When a run-out occurs, no runs, including boundaries, will be credited to the batsmen. The reason for this is to reduce the confusion in scoring.

  3. LBW Law – does not apply

  4. All runs and extras are scored according to the laws of cricket with the following exceptions:

    1. Wide/No-Ball: shall count as two extras to the batting side and no extra ball will be bowled for each

    2. An over shall consist of a maximum of 6 balls.

    3. Any ball delivered by the bowler reaching the batsmen above shoulder height in their normal batting stance or bouncing more than twice shall be called no-ball. Two runs shall be added to the score.

    4. Wickets are recorded on the batting scoresheet as in normal procedure.

    5. At the completion of each over three runs are deducted from the batting pairs score for each wicket that is lost.

    6. Boundary Four / Eight – four runs are recorded for any ball crossing the boundary or eight runs for any ball crossing on the full in addition to any runs completed by the batsman.

    5. When the ball is bowled, no fielder may stand closer than 10 metres from the striker’s wicket in front of the stumps.

    6. Batsmen bat in pairs for an equal number of overs regardless of the number of dismissals.

    7. Batsman swap ends after three consecutive deliveries or if dismissed at the striker’s end. This also applies if they have faced three balls in the over.

    8. Overs are to be shared equitably between the bowlers.

    9. “Throwing” – a batsman cannot be given out “bowled” from a thrown delivery.

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