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EVENT:         Athletics Division 1 – Track

DATE:               Thursday, 5th November, 2021
VENUE:             WA Athletics Stadium, Stephenson Avenue, Mt Claremont


Year 3, 2 x Girls and 2 x Boys per event (A & B Division per event)

Year 4, 2 x Girls and 2 x Boys per event (A & B Division per event)

Year 5, 2 x Girls and 2 x Boys per event (A & B Division per event)

Year 6, 2 x Girls and 2 x Boys per event (A & B Division per event)




  • 9.30am - Teacher meeting

  • 9.50am – Welcome

  • 10.00am – Competition Begins (lunch before relays)

  • 1.15pm – Presentations

  • 1.45pm – Close and Dismiss (Most likely to finish earlier than this)





         Schools will be seated according to lane allocation for marshalling purposes.



         Schools will be advised of lane allocations early in Term 4.



Students are to remain under the control of teachers in their appointed bays in the grandstand. The teachers in charge of the bay, need to have students ready for each event, in the seats at the front of the bay, waiting for the event marshal to come and collect them for each event. They will then be escorted to the starting position.



1.         A starting pistol will be used for all events.


2.         Individual events and Relays:

  • On your mark! - move forward to line, take up preferred starting position - spikes are optional for individual races.

  • GUN!


3.         False starts will be recalled by a second shot.


4.         100m, 200m and 400m races are run in lanes.


5.         800m will begin on the curved line and merging to happen immediately.


6.         800m A and B divisions will run in separate races (this year).


NB:      The starter to be positioned a little in front of the starting line to enable competitors to see him/her clearly.

The starter may need to have a break judge who stands at the end of the starting line and blows a whistle if a break occurs.



Please train competitors to remain in lanes after events so that the judges can appoint places.


After children cross line - Judges will line competitors up in finishing order. The duty Marshall then walks them to collect ribbons from ribbon table.


Chief Judge indicates to starter to commence next event.



An individual or team will only be disqualified if the chief judge is satisfied that an unfair advantage has been gained by a breach of the rules. In the event of a disqualification, the individual or team will be placed in last position.



            All competitors will receive a ribbon for their race.

Medallions – Gold, Silver and Bronze - will be awarded for Championship points.



School points will be awarded for each event as follows:


                        A Division – 25, 20, 16, 13, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7.

                        B Division – 20, 15, 11, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.


In the event of dead heats, points will be allocated according to the position they achieved. (eg. dead heats for 1st in A Division will both receive 25 points but no 2nd place will be awarded, the next placing will be 3rd place).




Championship points will be awarded for the following events in each year group.


1. Year 3 and 4 Events.





                        Turbo Javelin

                        Shot Put (Year 4 only)     

                        Long Jump


2. Year 5, 6 Events





                        Turbo Javelin

   Shot Put

                        Long Jump


3.         Division A competitors will be allocated championship points as follows:

1st – 25, 2nd – 20, 3rd – 16, 4th – 13, 5th – 11, 6th – 10, 7th – 9, 8th – 8, 9th - 7


Division B competitors will be allocated championship points as follows:

1st – 16, 2nd – 11, 3rd – 7, 4th – 4, 5th – 2, 6th – 1, 7th – 1, 8th – 1, 9th – 1.





1.           Year 3 and 4 run shuttle relays. Four children in each relay.

               Year 5 and 6 run a circular relay.


2.           The changeover in shuttle relays MUST occur with the receiving runner being behind the line. Both hands may be used to receive the baton.


3.           The baton change over in the circular relay MUST happen between the designated marks on the track.  The relay judge for each change should point these out to the competitors before the race.



               4 best runners from grades 3 - 6 (girls)

               4 best runners from grades 3 - 6 (boys)


               The race is started with Year 3 Girl and finished with the Year 6 Boy.

Girls must clear the track when they have run their part, but must not interfere with any other team.


100M                                                                                                             Start &

Finish Line


   BOYS                                                                                                           GIRLS

 6,5,4,3                                                                                                        3, 4, 5,6

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